EU against organized crime

The EP’s special committee on organized crime, corruption and money laundering on Monday recommended measures to deal with organized crime effects. A Union-wide definition of mafia related crimes, the use of criminal assets, the implement of a new policy on public procurement and the establishment of an EU prosecutor is some of options for an effective respond to organized crimes.

Salvatore Iacolino (EPP, IT) is preparing a set of proposals to tackle the growing phenomenon. During the debate he said that mafias consists a threat for the European internal market and the citizens. Organized crime should be dealt as a common threat for all European countries.

European countries do not include in their legislation code a common definition of organized crime. For example Italy has a specific code, UK and Spain has different policy and criminal-justice approach, and Sweden and Denmark do not have any specific provision. According to the document a union wide definition is essential to combat the phenomenon. Besides that, the presence of an EU prosecutor is substantial for the defense of member states’ financial interests. Mr Iacolino proposed the confiscation of mafias’ assets such as buildings or vehicles for social use. This provision is already included to the Spanish and Italian legal system. One more important measure against organized crime is to exclude firms for public tenders. This according to Mr Iacolino’s document must be applicable in every European country.


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