VVM De Lijn – Stafdiensten, Motstraat 20, 2800 Mechelen BE, jozef Reyntjens

The purpose of this market survey is to collect concrete and up-to-date information on electric bus systems and in this way acquire information in insights which are needed to shape a potential later placement procedure.According the CPV-codes these performances relate to 34144910-0, 31400000-0, 31200000-8, 65300000-6, 71323100-9, 31110000-0.This document situates the project and clarifies the context. It also contains the question to hand over information in insights. The provided information shall possible enable De Lijn to estimate the feasibility of the project and to shape the preconditions of it.Interested parties may fill in the survey (fully or partial) and submit it no later than 30/09/2019.For further information, please contact the following e-mail address: e-bussystemen@delijn.be

Read the full call for tender : Bulletin der Aanbestedingen: recente aanvragen 2019-08-23.

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