List of the CPV codes beginning with 65 : 2nd level
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65000000-3 Public utilities.
65100000-4 Water distribution and related services.
65110000-7 Water distribution.
65111000-4 Drinking-water distribution.
65120000-0 Operation of a water-purification plant.
65121000-7 Water demineralisation services.
65122000-0 Water desalination services.
65123000-3 Water softening services.
65130000-3 Operation of water supplies.
65200000-5 Gas distribution and related services.
65210000-8 Gas distribution.
65300000-6 Electricity distribution and related services.
65310000-9 Electricity distribution.
65320000-2 Operation of electrical installations.
65400000-7 Other sources of energy supplies and distribution.
65410000-0 Operation of a power plant.
65500000-8 Meter reading service.

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