List of the CPV codes beginning with 66 : 2nd level
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66000000-0 Financial and insurance services.
66100000-1 Banking and investment services.
66110000-4 Banking services.
66111000-1 Central bank services.
66112000-8 Deposit services.
66113000-5 Credit granting services.
66113100-6 Micro-credit granting services.
66114000-2 Financial leasing services.
66115000-9 International payment transfer services.
66120000-7 Investment banking services and related services.
66121000-4 Mergers and acquisition services.
66122000-1 Corporate finance and venture capital services.
66130000-0 Brokerage and related securities and commodities services.
66131000-7 Security brokerage services.
66131100-8 Pension investment services.
66132000-4 Commodity brokerage services.
66133000-1 Processing and clearing services.
66140000-3 Portfolio management services.
66141000-0 Pension fund management services.
66150000-6 Financial markets administration services.
66151000-3 Financial market operational services.
66151100-4 Electronic marketplace retailing services.
66152000-0 Financial market regulatory services.
66160000-9 Trust and custody services.
66161000-6 Trust services.
66162000-3 Custody services.
66170000-2 Financial consultancy, financial transaction processing and clearing-house services.
66171000-9 Financial consultancy services.
66172000-6 Financial transaction processing and clearing-house services.
66180000-5 Foreign exchange services.
66190000-8 Loan brokerage services.
66500000-5 Insurance and pension services.
66510000-8 Insurance services.
66511000-5 Life insurance services.
66512000-2 Accident and health insurance services.
66512100-3 Accident insurance services.
66512200-4 Health insurance services.
66512210-7 Voluntary health insurance services.
66512220-0 Medical insurance services.
66513000-9 Legal insurance and all-risk insurance services.
66513100-0 Legal expenses insurance services.
66513200-1 Contractor's all-risk insurance services.
66514000-6 Freight insurance and Insurance services relating to transport.
66514100-7 Insurance related to Transport.
66514110-0 Motor vehicle insurance services.
66514120-3 Marine, aviation and other transport insurance services.
66514130-6 Railway insurance services.
66514140-9 Aircraft insurance services.
66514150-2 Vessel insurance services.
66514200-8 Freight insurance services.
66515000-3 Damage or loss insurance services.
66515100-4 Fire insurance services.
66515200-5 Property insurance services.
66515300-6 Weather and financial loss insurance services.
66515400-7 Weather-related insurance services.
66515410-0 Financial loss insurance services.
66515411-7 Pecuniary loss insurance services.
66516000-0 Liability insurance services.
66516100-1 Motor vehicle liability insurance services.
66516200-2 Aircraft liability insurance services.
66516300-3 Vessel liability insurance services.
66516400-4 General liability insurance services.
66516500-5 Professional liability insurance services.
66517000-7 Credit and surety insurance services.
66517100-8 Credit insurance services.
66517200-9 Surety insurance services.
66517300-0 Risk management insurance services.
66518000-4 Insurance brokerage and agency services.
66518100-5 Insurance brokerage services.
66518200-6 Insurance agency services.
66518300-7 Insurance claims adjustment services.
66519000-1 Engineering, auxiliary, average, loss, actuarial and salvage insurance services.
66519100-2 Oil or gas platforms insurance services.
66519200-3 Engineering insurance services.
66519300-4 Auxiliary insurance services.
66519310-7 Insurance consultancy services.
66519400-5 Average adjustment services.
66519500-6 Loss adjustment services.
66519600-7 Actuarial services.
66519700-8 Salvage administration services.
66520000-1 Pension services.
66521000-8 Individual pension services.
66522000-5 Group pension services.
66523000-2 Pension fund consultancy services.
66523100-3 Pension fund administration services.
66600000-6 Treasury services.
66700000-7 Reinsurance services.
66710000-0 Life reinsurance services.
66720000-3 Accident and health reinsurance services.

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