List of the CPV codes beginning with 73 : 2nd level
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73000000-2 Research and development services and related consultancy services.
73100000-3 Research and experimental development services.
73110000-6 Research services.
73111000-3 Research laboratory services.
73112000-0 Marine research services.
73120000-9 Experimental development services.
73200000-4 Research and development consultancy services.
73210000-7 Research consultancy services.
73220000-0 Development consultancy services.
73300000-5 Design and execution of research and development.
73400000-6 Research and Development services on security and defence materials.
73410000-9 Military Research & Technology.
73420000-2 Pre-feasibility study & technological demonstration.
73421000-9 Development of security equipment.
73422000-6 Development of firearms and ammunition.
73423000-3 Development of military vehicles.
73424000-0 Development of warships.
73425000-7 Development of military aircrafts, missiles and spacecrafts.
73426000-4 Development of military electronic systems.
73430000-5 Test and Evaluation.
73431000-2 Test and Evaluation of security equipment.
73432000-9 Test and Evaluation of firearms and ammunition.
73433000-6 Test and Evaluation of military vehicles.
73434000-3 Test and Evaluation of warships.
73435000-0 Test and Evaluation of military aircrafts, missiles and spacecrafts.
73436000-7 Test and Evaluation of military electronic systems.

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  1. Hello,

    What is the method of pulbication and in which country?

  2. lt dit :

    How do i know what codes for example in Research and Development are exempted of Public Procurement regulations. I have this doubt because in a contract of services was stated :

    "Conclusion of contract without announcement of competition
    The procurement is outside the scope of the procurement regulations"

    and the following codes were mentioned

    main code
    98133100 Improvement of the community and support services to the population

    additional codes:

    72200000-7 Software programming and consultancy services
    72212510-7 Communication software development services
    72253200-5 Systems support services
    72222000-7 Information systems or technology strategic review and planning services


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