List of the CPV codes beginning with 60 : 2nd level
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60000000-8 Transport services (excl. Waste transport).
60100000-9 Road transport services.
60112000-6 Public road transport services.
60120000-5 Taxi services.
60130000-8 Special-purpose road passenger-transport services.
60140000-1 Non-scheduled passenger transport.
60150000-4 Passenger transport by animal-drawn vehicles.
60160000-7 Mail transport by road.
60161000-4 Parcel transport services.
60170000-0 Hire of passenger transport vehicles with driver.
60171000-7 Hire of passenger cars with driver.
60172000-4 Hire of buses and coaches with driver.
60180000-3 Hire of goods-transport vehicles with driver.
60181000-0 Hire of trucks with driver.
60182000-7 Hire of industrial vehicles with driver.
60183000-4 Hire of vans with driver.
60200000-0 Railway transport services.
60210000-3 Public transport services by railways.
60220000-6 Mail transport by railway.
60300000-1 Pipeline transport services.
60400000-2 Air transport services.
60410000-5 Scheduled air transport services.
60411000-2 Scheduled airmail transport services.
60420000-8 Non-scheduled air transport services.
60421000-5 Non-scheduled airmail transport services.
60423000-9 Air-charter services.
60424000-6 Hire of air transport equipment with crew.
60424100-7 Hire of aircraft with crew.
60424110-0 Hire of fixed-wing aircraft with crew.
60424120-3 Hire of helicopters with crew.
60440000-4 Aerial and related services.
60441000-1 Aerial spraying services.
60442000-8 Aerial forest-firefighting services.
60443000-5 Air-rescue services.
60443100-6 Air-sea rescue services.
60444000-2 Aircraft-operation services.
60444100-3 Pilot services.
60445000-9 Aircraft operating services.
60500000-3 Space transport services.
60510000-6 Satellite launch services.
60520000-9 Experimental payload services.
60600000-4 Water transport services.
60610000-7 Ferry transport services.
60620000-0 Transport by water of mail.
60630000-3 Cable-laying ship services.
60640000-6 Shipping operations.
60650000-9 Hire of water transport equipment with crew.
60651000-6 Hire of vessels with crew.
60651100-7 Hire of sea-going vessels with crew.
60651200-8 Hire of inland waterway vessels with crew.
60651300-9 Anti-pollution ship services.
60651400-0 Heavy-lift ship services.
60651500-1 Standby ship services.
60651600-2 Offshore supply ship services.
60653000-0 Hire of boats with crew.

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