List of the CPV codes beginning with 64 : 2nd level
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64000000-6 Postal and telecommunications services.
64100000-7 Post and courier services.
64110000-0 Postal services.
64111000-7 Postal services related to newspapers and periodicals.
64112000-4 Postal services related to letters.
64113000-1 Postal services related to parcels.
64114000-8 Post office counter services.
64115000-5 Mailbox rental.
64116000-2 Post-restante services.
64120000-3 Courier services.
64121000-0 Multi-modal courier services.
64121100-1 Mail delivery services.
64121200-2 Parcel delivery services.
64122000-7 Internal office mail and messenger services.
64200000-8 Telecommunications services.
64210000-1 Telephone and data transmission services.
64211000-8 Public-telephone services.
64211100-9 Local telephone services.
64211200-0 Long distance telephone services.
64212000-5 Mobile-telephone services.
64212100-6 Short Message Service (SMS) services.
64212200-7 Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) services.
64212300-8 Multimedia Message Service (MMS) services.
64212400-9 Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) services.
64212500-0 General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) services.
64212600-1 Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution (EDGE) services.
64212700-2 Universal Mobile Telephone System (UMTS) services.
64212800-3 Pay phone provider services.
64212900-4 Pre paid phone card provider services.
64213000-2 Shared-business telephone network services.
64214000-9 Dedicated-business telephone network services.
64214100-0 Satellite circuit rental services.
64214200-1 Telephone switchboard services.
64214400-3 Communication land-line rental.
64215000-6 IP Telephone services.
64216000-3 Electronic message and information services.
64216100-4 Electronic message services.
64216110-7 Electronic data exchange services.
64216120-0 Electronic mail services.
64216130-3 Telex services.
64216140-6 Telegraph services.
64216200-5 Electronic information services.
64216210-8 Value-added information services.
64216300-6 Teletext services.
64220000-4 Telecommunication services except telephone and data transmission services.
64221000-1 Interconnection services.
64222000-8 Teleworking services.
64223000-5 Paging services.
64224000-2 Teleconferencing services.
64225000-9 Air-to-ground telecommunications services.
64226000-6 Telematics services.
64227000-3 Integrated telecommunications services.
64228000-0 Television and radio broadcast transmission services.
64228100-1 Television broadcast transmission services.
64228200-2 Radio broadcast transmission services.

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