List of the CPV codes beginning with 80 : 2nd level
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80000000-4 Education and training services.
80100000-5 Primary education services.
80110000-8 Pre-school education services.
80200000-6 Secondary education services.
80210000-9 Technical and vocational secondary education services.
80211000-6 Technical secondary education services.
80212000-3 Vocational secondary education services.
80300000-7 Higher education services.
80310000-0 Youth education services.
80320000-3 Medical education services.
80330000-6 Safety education services.
80340000-9 Special education services.
80400000-8 Adult and other education services.
80410000-1 Various school services.
80411000-8 Driving-school services.
80411100-9 Driving-test services.
80411200-0 Driving lessons.
80412000-5 Flying-school services.
80413000-2 Sailing-school services.
80414000-9 Diving-school services.
80415000-6 Ski-training services.
80420000-4 E-learning services.
80430000-7 Adult-education services at university level.
80490000-5 Operation of an educational centre.
80500000-9 Training services.
80510000-2 Specialist training services.
80511000-9 Staff training services.
80512000-6 Dog training services.
80513000-3 Horse riding school services.
80520000-5 Training facilities.
80521000-2 Training programme services.
80522000-9 Training seminars.
80530000-8 Vocational training services.
80531000-5 Industrial and technical training services.
80531100-6 Industrial training services.
80531200-7 Technical training services.
80532000-2 Management training services.
80533000-9 Computer-user familiarisation and training services.
80533100-0 Computer training services.
80533200-1 Computer courses.
80540000-1 Environmental training services.
80550000-4 Safety training services.
80560000-7 Health and first-aid training services.
80561000-4 Health training services.
80562000-1 First-aid training services.
80570000-0 Personal development training services.
80580000-3 Provision of language courses.
80590000-6 Tutorial services.
80600000-0 Training services in defence and security materials.
80610000-3 Training and simulation in security equipment.
80620000-6 Training and simulation in firearms and ammunition.
80630000-9 Training and simulation in military vehicles.
80640000-2 Training and simulation in warships.
80650000-5 Training and simulation in aircrafts, missiles and spacecrafts.
80660000-8 Training and simulation in military electronic systems.

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